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Social Media Policy

Introduction: BOOKOFF Group’s involvement with social media

The BOOKOFF Group welcomes participation in the social media services (hereinafter the “Services”), which are managed by each company of the BOOKOFF Group. Individual employees of the BOOKOFF Group may independently participate in the Services and state their opinions. Please understand that they are only stating individual opinions and are not representing the views of any of the companies in the BOOKOFF Group.

Article 1. Scope of application of the Social Media Policy

This Social Media Policy expresses the policy for the use of social media by the BOOKOFF Group. This Policy applies not only to executives and employees of each company of the BOOKOFF Group, but also to everyone using the social media services managed by the BOOKOFF Group.

Article 2. Compliance items for use

1. Users may not conduct the acts in any of the items below when using the Services.

  1. Acts that infringe or could infringe on the rights or assets of the BOOKOFF Group, other users, or third parties
  2. Acts of libel or of posting baseless information regarding the BOOKOFF Group, other users, third parties, or their merchandise or services, etc.
  3. Acts that infringe on the privacy of other users or third parties such as the posting of personal information including telephone numbers, addresses, or email addresses
  4. Acts of advance political election campaigning, election campaigning, or equivalent activities
  5. Acts such as missionary activities or solicitation related to a specific religion, organization, group, etc.
  6. Acts using or reproducing information provided by the Services beyond the scope of the purposes of personal use of that information; note that the disclosure to a third party or use of reproduced information is not included within the scope of the purposes of personal use
  7. Acts using information provided by the Services or the BOOKOFF Group for commercial purposes
  8. Acts using the Services for commercial purposes (including introductions or solicitations for the use of websites)
  9. Acts of sending or writing harmful computer programs, spoofing files, etc.
  10. Acts using the Services as download sites for files unrelated to the Company’s services
  11. Acts of obstructing the use of or access to the Services or parts of the Services by other users
  12. Acts of users to upload or otherwise transmitting content they do not have the right to transmit based on laws, or confidential, or contractual relationships to the Services (such as internal information or information handled as exclusive or confidential that was learned of or disclosed as part of a labor relationship or based on an agreement of confidentiality)
  13. Acts of uploading or otherwise transmitting content to the Services including software viruses, or other computer code, files, or programs designed to damage, destroy, or limit the functions of computer software or hardware, or communication equipment
  14. Acts of password mining, hacking, or attempts at unauthorized access through other means to services, accounts, computer systems, or networks that are connected to the server used for the Services
  15. Acts of attempting to access content or information through means other than those made deliberately available by the BOOKOFF Group
  16. Acts using the copyrights, trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos, or images used in services of the BOOKOFF Group in some manner without the consent of the BOOKOFF Group
  17. Acts using network monitoring or detection software to determine the site architecture or obtaining information on the use status of the Services, the identification of individuals, or users
  18. Acts that would cause disadvantages to the BOOKOFF Group, other users, or third parties
  19. Acts that are in violation or that could be in violation of public order and morals, or laws and regulations
  20. Acts that are linked with or could be linked with criminal acts
  21. Acts that interfere with the management of the Services or damage the reputation of the BOOKOFF Group
  22. Other acts that the BOOKOFF Group deems as inappropriate for the Services

2. The BOOKOFF Group may delete the information, content, etc. posted by a user on the website or take other measures as necessary without notifying that user in advance.

Article 3. Compliance items for damages to third parties

If a user causes damages to a third party in relation to the use of the Services, that user shall compensate for damages based on their own responsibility and at their own cost, or resolve any disputes with the third party without causing any disturbances to the BOOKOFF Group.

Article 4. Compensation for damages

If a user causes any damages to the BOOKOFF Group in violation of this Policy, the BOOKOFF Group can demand compensation for damages from that user.

Article 5. Exemptions

1. The integrity of information
The BOOKOFF Group offers no guarantees on the accuracy, integrity, legality, etc. of the information provided from the BOOKOFF Group, business contractors, and other persons besides users for the Services.

2. Damages to third parties
The BOOKOFF Group will not be responsible for any damages incurred to the user or other third parties as a result of this information, excluding cases due to the intent or the gross negligence of the BOOKOFF Group.

Article 6. Handling of intellectual property rights and personal information

1. Intellectual property rights
The user shall transfer, without cost, the copyrights for all information, content, etc. posted to websites, sent by email, etc. to the BOOKOFF Group in the use of the Services. The user shall not exercise author’s moral rights related to the usage of this information, content, etc. by the BOOKOFF Group.

2. Copyrights
The user must not copy, distribute, publish, conduct public transmission, etc. of any information, content, etc. acquired through the Services for purposes other than personal use within a scope limited to individual or family use. In addition, the information, content, etc. in the Services must not be used without authorization in other matters beyond the scope recognized under the Copyright Act.

3. Handling of personal information
Content including personal information in the Services will be managed in accordance with the separately prescribed Protection of Customers’ Personal Information.

Article 7. Changes to this Policy

1. The BOOKOFF Group may change this Policy without gaining the consent of users. In that case, the most recent terms of use shall apply to the use of the applicable social media.

2. The Policy, after changes are made, shall come into effect once it is displayed on this website, excluding cases separately specified by the BOOKOFF Group.

Supplementary Provisions

1. The General Affairs Department is responsible for this Policy.

2. This Policy came into effect on April 1, 2013.

3. This Policy may be changed in full or in part. If it is changed, the Policy after changes are made shall be considered in effect. Changes shall come into effect once the Policy is posted on the Group’s intranet.