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President’s Message

Yasutaka Horiuchi President and CEO

Yasutaka Horiuchi
President and CEO

BOOKOFF began as a store with approximately 115 square meters of floor space in a residential area of Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1990. Since then, the Group has grown to include roughly 80 franchisees, and currently operates roughly 800 stores in Japan and overseas.

Our corporate philosophy has two components: “Contributing to the economic and social development through our corporate activities” and “Providing opportunities for fulfillment both professionally and personally to all our dedicated employees.”

We have also formulated a set of medium-term management policies as we celebrate our 30th anniversary in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021. These policies seek to mark a return to our corporate philosophy with a mission of “Be a source of enjoyable and enriching lives for as many people as possible.”

The BOOKOFF Group seeks to add enjoyment and fulfillment to our customers’ lives through our services and create new added value from the further growth of our employees and part-time staff members through their interactions with customers. By pursuing both of these goals, we strive to be a group that understands its customers’ needs and continues to change and grow as a result.

Based on this mission, we will leverage our strengths in the growing reuse market as a leading reuse company focusing on books, with the aim of responding to changes around the world to become the reuse store network with the largest number of customers.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.