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President’s Message

Yasutaka Horiuchi President and CEO

Yasutaka Horiuchi
President and CEO

In May 1990, [BOOKOFF] started as a 35 Tsubo (1,245 SF in US scales) store at a residential area in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and together with approx. 70 franchisees, BOOKOFF has grown into a Group totaling approx. 800 stores, both domestic and abroad.

Our company has two corporate philosophies. The first one is “contributing to economic and social development through corporate activities”, and the second one is “providing opportunities for fulfillment both professionally and personally to all our dedicated employees”.

Our group will celebrate its 30-year anniversary in the next fiscal year (4/1/2020~3/31/2021), and on this occasion, we established a new Mid-Term Management Policy. In this Policy, we went back to our Corporate Philosophies and added a new Mission that says, “providing opportunities for a happy and fulfilled life for many people”.

The ideal image of our Group is that:

  • • More and more customers have happy and fulfilled lives.
  • • The full-time and part-time employees of our Group will grow, and help the company grow through improved dealings with the customers.
  • • Utilizing the connection with the customers, we hope to see our Group change and grow, further understanding the needs of our customers.

We are deeply committed to the work of opening new stores that adapt the characteristics of the region, as well as the large-scale Reuse Store “BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR”.

In addition, by realizing “One Consolidated BOOKOFF” where all services of the group are connected with the new membership service at the core, we will accelerate the cooperation between BOOKOFF stores and BOOKOFF Online, and create a world where customers will be able to shop with more ease and enjoyment.

Leveraging our strength in the expanding reuse market, we aim to be the leading reuse company with books at the core, respond to changes in the world, and become a reuse chain that is used by the most customers.

Your continuous support and cooperation shall be highly appreciated.