Social and Environmental Activities

Promoting Active Participation by Women

The BOOKOFF Group considers its employees to be its greatest asset and the source of its competitiveness. The Group therefore refers to all staff members, both full-time and part-time employees, as “human assets.”

“Human assets” are the source of the Group’s growth.
We believe that the growth and development of human assets equipped with intelligence and resourcefulness leads directly to the Company’s growth.

The BOOKOFF Group strives to maintain a workplace environment where both male and female employees utilize their strengths, and to provide opportunities for employees to develop their capabilities and find self-fulfillment.

  • 女性活躍推進へのビジョン・方針
  • 女性活躍推進へのビジョン・方針
  • 女性活躍推進へのビジョン・方針

Creating a pleasant workplace environment

The Project for Creating a Pleasant Working Place was launched in 2012 as a forum for dialog between the Company’s president and female employees.
As a result of this project, programs including systems for workplace selection, rehiring, and “refresh” vacations were introduced in 2014.

The employee rehiring system creates an opportunity for employees who have resigned for reasons like child-rearing to be rehired at the same grade (level) as when they resigned, so that they can continue their careers without starting over.

President’s message

Yasutaka Horiuchi, President and CEO
The BOOKOFF Group proactively promotes active participation by women to meet the diverse needs of its customers and local communities. We strive to create workplaces that recognize each individual’s unique strengths and allow all employees to work with a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.

Current initiatives

We are planning systems, providing career support, and cultivating an internal culture for the further promotion of active participation by female employees.

  • By 2021,
  • 1. Achieve percentage of female employees: 40%
  • 2. Raise percentage of female managers: 10%