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Worldwide Strategy

To fulfill our vision, namely branch store deployment overseas, and to make a leap to be a group that contributes to world's printed-word culture

Now, the number of Japanese people living abroad for the purpose of business or study is about 800,000. For these expatriates, the cost of Japanese-language books run high, if these books are available at all. BOOKOFF addresses this acute need with shipments of used books from Japan, for sale locally at attractively low prices. Having already opened our shops in Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles and Paris, we are planning deployment of used book stores in major overseas cities. To have a base of Japanese culture in various areas, and the other way around, to import used books written in various languages to Japan, we will establish a BOOKOFF World Pavilion. We are expanding our corporate vision to the world, striving to provide good value, and to make a useful contribution to the local communities where we do business.

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