Social and Environmental Activities

Relationship with Counterparties

Many counterparties are involved in the execution of BOOKOFF’s business. To ensure that transactions with these counterparties are fair, the BOOKOFF Group ensures that business relationships with these counterparties are impartial and transparent.

  • Fair transactions with counterparties

    The BOOKOFF Group promotes communication and builds mutually beneficial transactional relationships in which the Group’s counterparties are partners.

  • Selection of counterparties

    [1] The BOOKOFF Group selects counterparties based on fair and rational decisions in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

    [2] The BOOKOFF Group promotes fair transactions by assessing and examining whether counterparties’ business methods conform to relevant laws and regulations.

  • Prohibition of requests for rebates, etc.

    The BOOKOFF Group prohibits the receipt of counterparties’ money or goods for a BOOKOFF employee’s own use or entertainment, in all cases, whether directly or indirectly by using the employee’s position.