Social and Environmental Activities

Relationship with Employees

The BOOKOFF Group considers its employees to be its greatest asset and the source of its competitiveness. The Group therefore refers to all staff members, both full-time and part-time employees, as “human assets.”
The Group strives to maintain a favorable workplace environment for these human assets, and to provide opportunities for employees to develop their capabilities and find self-fulfillment.

Employee training and development—The BOOKOFF Career Path Plan

“Human assets” are the source of BOOKOFF’s growth. We believe that the growth and development of human assets equipped with intelligence and resourcefulness leads directly to the Company’s growth. We have introduced the BOOKOFF Career Path Plan to cultivate the human assets that are our most important management resource. The Plan clearly states what employees need to learn and achieve to perform the functions of respective job grades.

All employees working to achieve goals, and being able to make full use of their capabilities, leads to the corporate philosophy of “Pursuit of employees' material and spiritual wellbeing.”

Hiring part-time staff members as regular full-time employees

BOOKOFF Group stores are supported by many part-time staff members.
We have introduced a system whereby part-time staff members can be hired as regular full-time employees. Many of our full-time employees begin as part-time staff members.

Part-time staff members hired as regular full-time employees
FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
17 persons 48 persons 32 persons 21 persons 91 persons

Creating a pleasant workplace environment

One of our corporate philosophies is “Providing opportunities for fulfillment both professionally and personally to all our dedicated employees.” To achieve this, we consider it important to harmonize employees’ work and private lives.
As part of our effort to balance employees’ work and private lives, we are working to create workplace environments where employees can carry out their work actively and enthusiastically.

Creating a pleasant workplace environment
Workplace selection system Employees are able to work within a designated region without being transferred to other parts of the country.
Workplace selection system for elderly parent care When the employee or their spouse is a primary caregiver, consideration will be given when assigning transfers.
Rehiring system Employees who have resigned amicably can be rehired under certain conditions.
“Refresh” vacations Employees are encouraged to take five consecutive days of vacation in the first and second halves of each year.
Maternity leave Maternity leave can be taken from 10 months before the expected date of birth to 8 weeks after giving birth.
Child-rearing leave This leave system for child-rearing can be taken for up to the date the child reaches 2 years of age.
Childcare leave This leave system to care for a sick child (prior to entering elementary school) is up to 12 days per year.
Nursing care leave This leave system to provide nursing care can be taken for up to 93 days per year.
Nursing assistance time off This leave system to assist family members receiving nursing care, for activities such as accompanying them to a hospital, can be taken for up to 5 days per year (10 days if 2 or more family members are receiving nursing care).
Reduced working hours A system is in place for reduced working hours for employees raising children under the age of 3 or providing nursing care to family members.
The system sets a minimum of 2 working days per week and 6 working hours per day.

Promoting hiring persons with disabilities

The BOOKOFF Group established B-Assist, Inc. in October 2010 to promote the hiring of persons with disabilities. B-Assist was designated as a special subsidiary company in December 2010 under the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities.
BOOKOFF intends to fulfill its social responsibility by creating environments where persons with disabilities can work with peace of mind, and by promoting the hiring of persons with disabilities. To achieve this, building on the concept of “employee training and development” that has been the driving force behind the BOOKOFF Group’s growth, we aim to create workplaces where everyone can continue to grow together while recognizing each individual’s unique capabilities.

Number of hires and hiring rate for persons with disabilities at the BOOKOFF Group
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Performing light tasks, inspection and processing, office operations, etc. in stores
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Hiring trends

  FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014
No. of full-time male employees: 668 729 758 790 814
No. of full-time female employees: 266 296 297 283 265
No. of part-time staff members: 8,488 8,427 9,399 8,757 9,549
No. of new graduates hired: 68 65 52 72 60
No. of part-time staff members
hired as full-time employees:
44 17 48 32 21
No. of persons with disabilities hired: 26 62 91 108 112

* As of March 31 of each year; Unit = persons