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Pledge to Eradicate Counterfeit Golf Clubs

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to identify counterfeit golf clubs, and BOOKOFF is working together with other major companies handling used golf clubs under the Counterfeit Goods Eradication Campaign to intensify countermeasures.

Counterfeit golf clubs are a problem for the entire golf industry. The BOOKOFF Group provides and shares information regarding counterfeit goods through manuals and training sessions, and cooperates with other companies in the industry as we strive not only to eradicate counterfeit goods, but also to grow the overall market.

■ Notices at stores

Posters are displayed at stores to gain the trust of customers and inform them of the potential risks related to various purchasing methods.

■ Sharing information regarding counterfeit goods

Information on how to identify apparently authentic counterfeit goods that have been brought in to stores is shared with other companies.

■ Immediate information sharing when counterfeit goods are brought in to a store

When a counterfeit item is brought into a store, head office divisions are immediately informed and send advisories to stores.

■ Immediate information sharing in cases of theft

Advisories are sent in the event of theft, to facilitate the smooth sharing of information among companies.

Pledge to Eradicate Counterfeit Golf Clubs

■ Participating companies (in no particular order)

GOLF Kids Co., Ltd.; GOLF Partner Co., LTD.; GOLF・DO CO., LTD.; Revo System Lab. Inc.; Golf Digest Online Inc.; BOOKOFF CORPORATION LIMITED