Social and Environmental Activities

Approach to Compliance

Regarding compliance

■ Basic policy

BOOKOFF emphasizes compliance in the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility and has established a structure for ensuring that every Group employee is thoroughly familiar with compliance.

■ Confirming the contents of compliance checklists among employees

The BOOKOFF Group holds compliance training for area managers of all stores biannually. It also works to ensure compliance awareness by designating Compliance Reinforcement Weeks during which store managers and part-time staff read a Compliance Checklist together at the store.

■ Operation of hotlines

The BOOKOFF Group has established hotlines inside and outside the Company where employees can consult regarding work-related problems and compliance violations via telephone or email. These contact points are posted on the Group’s intranet and are listed in the monthly internal newsletter sent to stores, to make it easy for employees to make consultations.
In cases of suspected compliance violations, the responsible person at the hotline will initiate an investigation while maintaining the privacy of the reporting employee. The Compliance Management Committee meets regularly and discusses specific measures to resolve each case reported. Going forward, all Group companies will be made aware of cases of compliance violations as a way to prevent their reoccurrence.

■ Protection of personal information

As part of our compliance training, the BOOKOFF Group strives to educate employees on how to handle personal information, highlighting the importance of this issue. Thorough rules are in place for the handling of customer information, including restrictions on access to folders and the storage of personal information at stores in locked cabinets.